Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

All About It:

Scarlet March lives to hunt the Fenris--the werewolves that took her eye when she was defending her sister Rosie from a brutal attack. Armed with a razor-sharp hatchet and blood-red cloak, Scarlett is an expert at luring and slaying the wolves. She's determined to protect other young girls from a grisly death, and her raging heart will not rest until every single wolf is dead.

Rosie March once felt her bond with her sister was unbreakable. Owing Scarlett her life, Rosie hunts ferociously alongside her. But even as more girls' bodies pile up in the city and the Fenris seem to be gaining power, Rosie dreams of a life beyond the wolves. She finds herself drawn to Silas, a young woodsman who is deadly with an ax and Scarlett's only friend--but does loving him mean betraying her sister and all that they've worked for?

What I Thought:

I was excited about this book long before it came out. I had heard multiple authors call it "Fantastic" and "Supernatural only with Girls." It did not disappoint! It was phenomenal. I found myself drawn into the story from the first lines. I loved the alternating perspectives between the two sisters, Rosie and Scarlett. Scarlett was the tough one. She thought about the fight and the fight alone. Fiercely protective of her sister and only one goal in mind, payback. Revenge for the death of her beloved grandmother and the eye that she lost protecting her sister the same day drives her to continue on "The Hunt" for Fenris. Rosie though, younger and less enthralled by a life all about hunting was my favorite. She feels in debt to Scarlett for saving her life as a child and taking the blunt of the physical damage. So she fights on. That is until Silas shows up again. A long time friend and hunting partner of Scarlett who has a dangerous secret lurking within him, one he doesn't even know. Rosie looks at him and immediately feels a change. She no longer thinks of him as "just" Silas. He's more than that. A budding, intense and hidden romance makes you smile as you read. You fall in love right along with Rosie. But Scarlett can't find out and that makes it all the more special, it's a secret. The three move to the city to start the most important hunt they've ever done. Finding the potential (someone who is capable of being turned) protecting him, and using him to kill fenris is their goal. Only they cannot find him. The surprises at every turn of this book make you gasp and keep it glued in your hands. You'll want to read it again not for the fact that a sexy vampire and werewolf are fighting over you but because it's such a strong story of sisterly bonds and love and passion to make the world safe. I don't know if there will be a sequel or not but I sure hope Jackson Pearce pops out another story sometime VERY soon!

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