Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rise by Anna Carey

All About It:
Rebel armies are getting closer, and the fate of The New America rests with Eve. Trapped in the City of Sand and married to a man of her father's choosing, Eve can't forget her love for Caleb-- her passion for the rebel cause. Then tragedy strikes, and Eve must choose who to leave behind, who to save, and who to fight in this final battle for freedom.
(obtained from the ARC of Rise)

What I Thought:

For how much I loved the other two in the series, the finale of the Eve trilogy was a major disappointment.
 Don't get me wrong, the writing was still fantastic and the story so enthralling that once I started in on the ARC (advanced readers copy) I could not put it down and finished in one sitting. However, the ending, the final conclusion and farewell to the trilogy left so much to be desired. It concluded, yes, but it did not leave you feeling like it did. I actually want to cry at how awful the final page was. It was the conclusion and yet it wasn't. To make this trilogy truly amazing, before publication a new ending must be written. Otherwise, it leaves the dedicated reader cold. Add more description. Without it put in, this series in nothing. I cannot say much without spoiling, but PLEASE Ms. Carey for the fans RE-WRITE the ending, make it warmer. Let us SEE it; it is one place in writing the writer should not be bound by the "show don't tell" rule. I want to leave this world of Eve behind with a warm and fuzzy feeling. As it stands right now the ending came to fast. With the fast paced ending there is not enough transition to the end, you leave it feeling dead inside. So before official publication TELL us what the last few paragraphs lead up to, show it in WORDS not vague descriptions. It will make the reader happier, feel more satisfied, and NOT like they wasted their precious time reading something that will never end. If nothing changes, I am sorry I recommended this series to so many people.
So, like a broken record I say, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Ms. Carey, WRITE A DIFFERENT ENDING!! Eve deserves it, you deserve it, the READERS deserve it...Please.

1 faire out of Five

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